Resources / Downloads

Here are some resources related to the book The Meaning of Christian Life (MoCL).

Scriptures and Comparison Tables for Bible Study

These are materials that will help you complete the comparison table in the book.  They are also useful for a Bible study based on the book. These are for you to modify and use in any capacity you see fit. No permission needed.

MoCL Sermon Powerpoint Files

Other Sermons Related to MoCL

The Beatitudes – Roadmap for Christian Living

This five-part series on Beatitudes explores the principles of Christian living and is thus a perfect follow-on to MoCL. Honestly I’d love to write up the content of the sermons and make this part of the second edition of MoCL, but I just have no time and money to do so. So for now please utilize the sermon PPTs first created for use at a local Chinese-English church. Because of the needs of the audience and translator, these PPTs are very detailed and so sort of serve as a book anyway. The PPTs are in both English and Traditional Chinese.
1. Beatitudes 1-4
2. Beatitudes 5: Mercy
3. Beatitudes 6: Pure Heart
4. Beatitudes 7: Peacemaker
5. Beatitudes 8: Persecuted for Righteousness