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Second Edition in the Works!

In my exploration of the parable of Jesus, I found the seven parables in Matthew 13 to be great supplements to the three discussed in my book. So I’m already working on the second edition of this book to include these seven parables. These seven give further explanations about how God sees our existence, how He uses our life’s experiences to prepare us for the eternity, and the consequences if we fail to live up to His expectations. You can get a preview of these new chapters through the presentations I’ve posted on my site:

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Do we live in a simulation?

In one sense I think we do… In the article…/are-we-living-simulated-universe-… Someone asked why anyone would bother to simulate us. Perhaps it’s not simulation but we are put in a sub-reality to be tested, to learn, and to earn our place in the full reality a.k.a. the Eternity or Afterlife. My book discusses why we are put on Earth and could be the answer to the question “why a simulation of us…”

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