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Books are Now Available for Purchase

The printed book is now being sold on Amazon and on this website. I really believe that it’s a book that can impact many of its readers, and so I’m offering a money-back guarantee for anyone who feels they didn’t get something valuable out of it. I don’t know any author that has done that. Please pray for this project. I see so many Christians living as if there’s nothing to look for after death. Most people focus on the here and now. I hope the message in this book would bring some people the right perspective and change their […]

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Our Book Cover is Here!

Danny Sciortino, owner of Sciortino Design, helped us design a professional cover for our book.  This cover will be used on the next update of our eBook and our printed book.  Thank you, Danny!  And if our readers need design service, please check out Danny’s company website.

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